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"The whole team at Elk River Mountain Homes constantly impressed us with their professionalism...”

“We thank David and his crew at ERMH for making our vision a reality. We love our house which has become our home. ”

“we highly recommend Elk River Mountain Homes!”
“Dave and his team turned our idea and dream into reality”
“Saying that we are pleased is a gross understatement!”
“Friends of ours, who are contractors, were amazed with the house. They couldn’t say enough about the finishing!”

a perfect place
for family & friends

“The house is breathtaking! Sitting on the porch surrounded by the beauty of the timber, gazing at the mountains, it is one of our favorite places to be in the world.”

And some friendly words from our partners..

What you hear from the homeowners that have built with these guys is their great skills, craftsmanship, and professionalism. I have been providing my design services to Elk River Mountain Homes for I think 15 years (I lost count after 2) but what I have noticed is their abundance of confidence, pride and passion that they bring to all of projects. Congratulations Elk River Mountain Homes for 25 years of great work! I am honoured that our relationship has created some incredible homes. Thank you, Peter Manolakas
Peter Manolakas
Manolakas designs
Struo Consulting Inc. has been working with Elk River Mountain Homes on several projects throughout the Elk River Valley. As engineers, we enjoy and appreciate their wholistic approach, attention to detail and timely coordination with the staff in the field. Elk River Mountain Homes stand out in thinking ahead, keeping their client’s best interests at heart, identifying complex details, and recognizing constructability challenges early on, making their projects more streamlined and cost‐effective for the clients. We can always count on their collaborative and open‐minded approach and are thankful for such good partners in design and construction.
At Studio Ridge Residential, we believe in the power of something we call "The Perfect Partnership" when designing and constructing custom homes. This partnership requires that each party work to a high standard of skill, communication, and collaboration with other design and construction partners, and is informed by years of experience to create exceptional homes, executed with excellence. That means we collaborate with client, contractor, architectural designer, and fabrication artisans from the early stages of design, all the way through the construction process. But it is the collaborative partnership with the contracting team that is core of this process. Without a strong, skilled and experienced construction team, a project cannot be realized to the level of calibre that is required of custom homes to the standards that we strive to uphold. Elk River Mountain Homes are one of our "Perfect Partners" because of your depth of experience, highly skilled and personable team, and your well-honed construction process. Working with the ERMH team is always a pleasure because you make it easy to collaborate with, while keeping a focus on high quality workmanship, team spirit, positive attitude and professional excellence. We cant' wait for our next collaboration!

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