Timber on the Rocks

Indoor / Outdoor Living

Combinded Indoor & Outdoor Living

Elk River Mountain Homes worked together with the Marsden family to build a beautiful home and guest house that combines indoor and outdoor living areas, such as an expansive decking system offering warmth and protection from the elements.

Hybrid timber frame at its best!

Location: Frank, AB

It is hard to express what a fabulous job Elk River Mountain Homes has done for us. They have built us far more than a gorgeous timber frame house, they have created a new home for us in every sense of the word. Our friends back in Edmonton think we are slightly crazy to be driving down to the Crowsnest Pass all the time, that, is until they come to visit!

The house is breathtaking and as soon as you walk through the front door you do not want to ever leave! This was our first summer in the house David built for us and it was magical. Sitting on the porch surrounded by the beauty of the timber, gazing at the mountains, has become one of our favorite places to be in the world.

There is a quality that comes with fine craftsmanship that shines through with this house. Elk River Mountain Homes has been so impressive with their skill and dedication to creating a dwelling that is a work of art. I feel they have built us a “Heritage House” that will stand the test of time and be a part of our family for generations to come.

David and his wife Aleatha are an amazing team. The devotion and love of building beautiful houses together is inspiring. When we were debating design ideas, they immediately invited us over for dinner to view their own newly finished home. We found they were as thrilled to be working on a “green” solar home, as we were to have one built.

In all aspects, pre and post construction, David and his Elk River Mountain Homes team have done an outstanding job. We are thrilled with our home and would recommend them to anyone interested in quality and outstanding workmanship.

Drs. Steve & Karen Marsden