Cedar Bowl Cabin

Classic Log Home

Modern Design Elements

Elk River Mountain Homes worked with the Quirk family to build a classic log home.

Location: Fernie, BC

We selected Elk River Mountain Homes based on our common philosophies and your ability to realize our vision. We designed a unique log home and you were able to expand upon it with a minimal increase in cost. The attention to detail and the unique features have leant themselves well. No one enters expecting a work of art but we hear it time and again. Your ability to efficiently engage quality sub-trades has been a pleasant surprise knowing how difficult it is to hire and retain good tradesmen. The dedication of your staff was always evident as they cribbed the foundation in pouring rain, chiseled and stacked logs in frigid temperatures, and made up for lost days on the weekend. We continue to be grateful as you help us respond to our needs. Thank you, we hope to continue this friendship for many years.

Dean Quirk