Lodges Lookout

Intuitive Design

Clean Lines & Intuitive Design

The Lodges Lookout is an architectural masterpiece that Elk River Mountain Homes built in Fernie, BC. The design incorporated strong architectural components, comfortable “free thinking” spaces and a mix of old and modern features.

Location: Fernie, BC

We initially chose ERMH to build our new home based on the many impressive homes they have built in the valley and the feedback we received from their homeowners.

However, as we started the building process what impressed us most about Dave and the team was the meticulous attention to detail, innovative thinking, and dedication to quality that ERMH brought to the project daily.

Dave is truly a home builder who cares about the customer experience and he and the team were always present to offer guidance and bring ideas forward which enhanced the building process and ultimately made a great home even better.

We are now entering our fourth year in our new home and are pleased to say that it’s held up remarkably well which speaks to the quality of ERMH’s product. If uncompromised quality and innovation are what you are looking for in a builder then look no further than ERMH – we highly recommend them.

Roger & Lisa

Unlike most of the ‘guest suites’ in Alpine Trails, the one on the property we bought with our daughter and son-in-law was to become our retirement home. We wanted it to be both beautiful and functional– and Dave made it a reality. With his knowledge of the latest technologies in the industry, Dave provided a well-insulated home with state-of-the-art climate control that is comfortable year-round.

Although we were told that construction would take 12-14 months, ERMH pushed the schedule to accommodate ours, and got us occupancy in less than a year, saving us additional rental costs.

While awaiting completion of the house, we couldn’t help notice how personable and competent the tradesmen associated with ERMH were. A visitor from Ontario, himself a commercial renovator, was very impressed with the quality of materials and workmanship of the house, corroborating our own assessment. During construction, Dave was generally ahead of any potential problems; and when a glitch occurred (as they always do) he had a ready solution based on his wide experience in the field. Along the way, his suggestions proved to be valuable and often essential.

Dave is that rare individual who can take charge of the overall project, while still paying attention to the details that might escape most people. That concern extends to such things as providing the clients with a set of binders containing the owner’s manuals for all the various features and appliances found in today’s homes… very handy. Truly, Dave and ERMH merit the confidence that we placed in him to build a unique home that is visually stunning.

John & Edna Krzyzewski

The Details

We put a lot of pride in each home we build, this shows in the fine details and finishing touches you don’t see in other home builders.